Premium Reusable Ear Plugs

Reusable earplugs don’t need to be uncomfortable. Moldex reusable earplugs feature a triple flange design that provides maximum comfort, even when worn for a full shift. The soft, flexible flanges provide a superior seal and fit most size ear canals.

Independently Tested NRRs

Many Moldex reusable earplugs offer the highest independently tested NRR laboratory seal for independently tested NRR-accredited materials for a reusable plug, 27dB, making them suitable for most noisy environments. They are independently tested by Michael & Associates, Inc., State College, PA. So, not only are they comfortable, but they also provide serious protection as one of the safest reusable earplugs on the market.

Corded Options

All Moldex reusable earplugs are available with at least one of our innovative cord options。  See individual product pages for more information。  

Contact Us

Ensure your employees are comfortable and safe with hearing and respiratory products from Moldex.

If you have any technical questions, call Moldex® at 800-421-0668 Ext. 512.

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