Military, Law Enforcement, & Tactical Protection

Get the law enforcement and military respiratory protection your troops need to conquer the environmental hazards they’ll face in the field. Moldex designs innovative respiratory and military hearing protection solutions ideal for tactical deployments. Our versatile products give you protection you can tailor for noise hazards, gases, particulate, or vapors, depending on the mission at hand.

Types of Applications

At Moldex, our products consistently provide enhanced comfort and protection。 Some of our proprietary developments include:

  • State-of-the-art military respiratory protection, such as our Airwave masks which increases the mask’s surface area for easier breathing.
  • Hearing protection designed to be secure, yet adjustable for noise threat levels, like our Battle Plugs.
  • Reusable half and full masks that allow for customizable protection using multiple cartridge options.

Our environmental protection devices and accessories can be combined to meet multiple mission-specific environments:

  • Maintenance and Engineering Facilities
  • Firing Range Participants, Range Officers, and Live-Fire Drills
  • Flightlines
  • Tactical Insertions
  • Patrolling Areas With Heavy Smoke, Vapor, or Airborne Particulates
  • Inspection Checkpoints
  • Riot Suppression

Please note: Not all items featured on our website are available through our GSA/FSS Contract, DAPA Contract or VIPA.
For more information, please call Moldex Government Customer Support  (800) 421-0668, ext. 550, or James Gallegos Ext. 301 or email at:

GSA/FSS Contract: GS-07F-5600P – “Tier 2 SUM – Multi-Agency Solutions”
DAPA Contract: #SP0200-07-H-0018,
VIPA# – VME130604_N95MASKS
Cage: 0FA00    NAICS: 339113  SIC: 3842  Small Business: YES
FSC Groups:  42 – Firefighting & Rescue Equipment, 65 – Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies,
84 – Law Enforcement & Security Equipment

Category (SIN)
426 4J

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Target Systems/Target Range Accessories to Include Shatter Resistant Protective Lenses and Shooters Gloves. THIS SIN DOES NOT INCLUDE FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION.

Category (SIN)
465 22

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Breathing Air Equipment, Inhalator Devices, Respiratory Protection Products, Related Support Items and Solutions:   SCBA’s (self contained breathing apparatus), Air Compressors, Air Filtering Personal Equipment and Emergency Egress Equipment.

Category (SIN)
84 500

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Order-Level Materials (OLMs) – SUBJECT TO COOPERATIVE PURCHASING Order-Level Materials (OLMs) are supplies and/or services acquired in direct support of an individual task or delivery order placed against a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract or FSS blanket purchase agreement (BPA).

For help with State and Local Governments, please see links below:

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When you need hard working personal protective equipment for dynamic training and tactical environments, you need the military respiratory protection and military hearing protection that stands up to the test. Accomplish your mission with environmental protection equipment from Moldex-Metric today.

If you need a quotation or to place an order, please contact Moldex® at 800-421-0668 ext. 550, ext. 301, or by email:

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Ensure your employees are comfortable and safe with hearing and respiratory products from Moldex.

If you have any technical questions, call Moldex® at 800-421-0668 Ext. 512.

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